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Springtime in the Rockies

on May 5, 2013

Five whole weeks of SNOW!  Really now, mistress weather.  Let’s be reasonable. I want to plant my garden outside instead of in little expando-pot-like thingies. Both my seedlings and I are tired of this cold…. Well, to be honest, they are still tucked into little pots and sat over the heater, whilst I am out in the cold…working.  On a side note, I bought an old Trek Bicycle and am waiting to ride it on dry pavement, not cold ice…so it’s not just seeds I am worried over, it is my ownself too.

My toms are about 7 inches high and I still don’t know which ones are which.  The Bell Peppers NEVER came up, so I planted some more today, along with Italian Pole Snap Beans (which we had last summer when we visited Gabe and Erica at the farm they were house-sitting at and which were amazingly delicious).  I will plant the technicolor Swiss Chard outside tomorrow…if it doesn’t snow…..and maybe even if it does.  I will go look for cucumber seedlings because I forgot to buy cucumber seeds.

We did go to Whole Foods and get the free compost, but they only gave us a limited amount…mainly because it was very heavy and they didn’t want anyone breaking their backs…BUT, we got it and it is still sitting in the container and I haven’t done anything with it because of the SNOW……grrrrr.

I am grateful for the moisture.


2 responses to “Springtime in the Rockies

  1. ekgo says:

    We forgot to go to compost day! I was sad that afternoon when I realized what I’d missed out on because I totally could have used it. 😦
    I got the potatoes planted this past weekend and I’ve got carrots, spring peas, and…something else in the ground, too. The chard, parsley, cilantro, and some other spring seeds are coming up in the hoophouse (as seen here http://006point7ekgo.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/hoops-and-leeks/ ) and the leeks are doing just fine. Our garlic is going gangbusters and the herb bed is happy to be growing again. Other than that…well, the garden is tilled and waiting for babies, babies that may not even come out until June.
    I didn’t even bother with seedlings this year. I think I’m going to buy them from the nursery just because I’m feeling lazy. No! I mean, because I like to support local business. 🙂

    Yeah. This spring. The snow has been normal,it’s the cold that hasn’t been. It’s evil and I hate it and I’m going to put a giant heat rock in my backyard. Like the ones you put in lizard cages.


  2. sirrka says:

    As to the heat rocks, my hubby works with a guy who uses rocks and lizard heat lamps in his greenhouse to heat it rather than a heater. He says it gives off more even heat.


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