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If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

Sleepy Swing Hammocks…

on April 13, 2014

Hammocks, hammocks, hammocks!

With the help of the friendly folk on Hammock Forums, I found out about DIY hammocks! You mean I can make my own? Why yes, yes you can.  Woot!

My first was a lovely dusty lavender 9 footer.  Hey, I had the fabric in my stash for years and there was enough of it so that there were no seams to worry about rubbing or ripping out. Then I discovered a site that sells beautiful crinkle taffeta tablecloths that were strong enough to use as hammocks.

Ain't it purdy?

Ain’t it purdy?

Then, I decided i needed to learn how to splice rope, then I decided I needed to redo all the rope on my tarp, then I decided I needed to learn some new knots…can you say Double fisherman’s Bend? Then I decided I needed a way to make my backyard hanging spot better, so the wind didn’t blow up my back, and I found a plan to make a light-weight, portable hammock stand. (Thanks to TurtleLady and OldDog) By then it was winter, so I moved inside. By now I was up to my fourth hammock.

and no, I did not watch TV in my hammock….

and no, I did not watch TV in my hammock….

Then, I convinced the maintenance man at work to drill some holes the the walls of my little  stay-over room and took out my bed and hung my hammock there.  Can you sense a trend going on?

I invited the Schwans man inside  my house (to get out of the cold) and he saw my hammock stand setup in the basement, but thought he was too heavy to try it out.  I convinced him otherwise and when he got in he wanted a hammock, so I made one for him.

notice the big smile on his face

notice the big smile on his face

I made a kid’s hammock, complete with stand for a birthday prezzie for a 2 year old.  He was too young for it, but everyone else loved it.  It was a three year old at the party that came up with the name “Sleepy Swing”

With the help of a dear friend, I thought I might go into business…maybe even write a how-to e-book.

I  made a bunch of hammocks for various people, even one for a charity event.  I was kinda obsessed.  Really? Ya think?

It  is probably best  for all concerned that I didn’t post here while all this was going on.  You would have gotten rather tired of the subject and might have wished me to move on.  You might have sent me an e-mail invite to join “Moveon.com”. You might have checked in every few weeks and thought, “She is still going on about hammocks….. She needs a new hobby.”

Well, that is they way I seem to roll.  I get slightly obsessed about something and kinda over-do it for a while.  Barefoot running, hammocks, writing poetry, riding motorcycles, making biscotti,….. Sometimes the obsession lasts years, other times it burns itself out after a few months. I like to learn new things. I like to try stuff out.  I still want to ride in a hot air balloon, but I’ve been told it is an expensive hobby.  I would need to invent a popular and useful something or have married a richer man in order to pursue it….and I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one ride.  I would want to own one…maybe learn how to make the basket and the burner……so yes….

Yes, this is my dirty secret.  I like to learn. I like to explore. I like to push the boundaries of my life outward and upward and I am glad I finally have the opportunity to do it…..as long as it doesn’t cost toooooooo much….cuz that would mean I would have to wait until I made enough money to buy it.  I do not like to wait. at. all.


PS. I will still make you a hammock if you want one.  17 vibrant colors to choose from!


One response to “Sleepy Swing Hammocks…

  1. Kat says:

    They look like fun, and you have not changed. Thank goodness! Your joy in life and in the search that I think it is all about, is and always has been wonderful. You are a good influence on the rest of us.
    Kat (ps haven’t updated the word press blog in ages, the blogger one you saw is the current one.


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