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Storage: Gear, Type – Backpacking

on March 24, 2015

I have reached saturation point. I have been backpacking for about 3 years now and have run out of floor space on which to store my gear. Problem. We have a small house and there is no room to add anything like storage space anywhere. My closets are full of guns and costumes. My hubby smokes, so the garage is right out. Our walls are crowded with bookshelves of books, CD’s and DVD’s. We have added a bookshelf in the middle of the basement family room to divide it in half so I can have a separate space for my sewing and steampunk tinkering. We have no room!

Hmmmm. you know, I rely on my camping gear when I am out in the wilderness.  I should take care of it better than throwing it on the floor, dumping it in a box or stuffing it in a bag.

Brain storm. Digitize everything! No, not the gear, silly, all our music and movies. Then I can replace their storage items with gear storage stuff. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Step 1. Buy a Personal Cloud for our computer to store everything there.

Step 2. Buy a Roku 3 for the TV.

Step 3. Download software to rip the DVD’s to computer.

Step 4. Sit down and load everything onto the computer. I am about 3/4 of the way through the music and one week in.

Step 5. Post CD and DVD storage units on Craigslist even tho we are no-where near needing to get rid of them yet.

Step 6. Buy a cool gear storage unit from Lowes. No place to put the box….Lean it against a bookshelf.

Step 7. Wait until hubby transfers movies. Should only be a month or 2…..We have too much stuff….

Step 8. Start hauling things – ANYTHING – to the Good Will. I will make room Dammit! No answers on Craigslist..it has only been a half hour…. Start calling friends. Yay! Someone wants the CD case…..Boo! Can’t pick it up until April. But then, by April, l I might be done with all the music and it has to stay somewhere, so that is a good thing…right?

Step 9. Wait.

Step 10. I am not a patient person. When I had kids, I was very patient, but they are grown up now and apparently 20 years wasn’t enough to make it stick.

Step 11. Buy more gear.  I need a bear canister to hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park this summer.

Step 12. My REI membership dividend has arrived. I need new winter hiking boots…..

Step 13. You see how well this is going.

Step 14. Distract myself by dehydrating food for this summer.

Step 15. Promise myself that this process will be worth it. Happy gear makes a happy camper.

Step 16. VHS!!!!! I forgot about all our VHS tapes….Look for programs to change them to digital.



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