I hope this works….

If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

Picking up Things You Like at the Thrift Store…even tho you have no use for them…..

Yay for picking up things you like at the local thrift store/garage sale/giveaway even tho you have no idea how you are going to use it.  I found this adorable turquoise 50’s style short sleeved top this spring.  A friend was moving away from the country and had piled some of her clothes in one room in the building where I work. She just didn’t have room for everything she owned, so I went through them along with other co-workers.  She is short like me and wears cute things. Well, I think they are cute.  I found the top and a couple of other things.  Apparently she was taking all the cute things with her……lol.

Time passes. The adorable top is hanging in my “to do something with” stash.  The fabric looks like a rough-woven cloth, lots of texture, but a smooth hand.  I was thinking of maybe sewing a skirt onto the bottom edge and making a dress out of it, but  couldn’t find a fabric that worked well with the texture of the blouse. So it sat there.

Until today.

Enter crisis mode.  I have an annual meeting I attend and usually wear something quite nice to it.  I didn’t get around to buying something nice to wear and the meeting is this weekend.  I have a skirt and shirt combo of blues and greens that was my Mom’s, which I like to wear in the hot summer, as it is a thin fabric and bright colors. I usually wear a tank top under the shirt. I pulled it out to pack it up and noticed the tank top was stained….OH NOES!  What to do?  It is a casual cotton tank and although the color goes well with the outfit, it didn’t quite have the penache to pull it off completely.  Enter the adorable blouse.

Grabbing a seam ripper, I took the sleeves off, then hemmed up the raw edges.  It took me about 20 minutes.  I now have a nice textured sleeveless shell that looks great with the thin, smooth fabric of the blue and green outfit.  I say again…YAY!


Yes, yes, I know…it doesn’t take much to make me happy….:)