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If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

on cooking

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, but my Hubby puts me to shame.  He can create a masterpiece out of practically nothing. I like  good old-fashioned comfort food, veggies and lots of fruit. He brines turkeys, makes his own BBQ sauce and does things with asparagus and bacon that will make your taste buds dance the rumba.

He cooks Friday, Sat and Sun and I take over during the week when I am at home.  When I am not home, he turns out more plebeian fare, such as deep-fat fried chicken parts with some Ore-ida tater tots on the side. He makes very little mess.  Sometimes I can’t tell if he has been cooking at all.  Friday night….the tummy-pleasing time begins.  People wonder why I don’t want to go out on Friday nights; its because my Hubby cooks.  If the weather is good, and even when it is not, he is out on the deck cooking with fire.  It has become an expected ritual.

Saturday night he comes inside and creates on the stove.  We have a gas hob and an electric oven.  He measures things carefully, putting the ingredients in little glass bowls, lining them up on the counter, adding them when needed.  He follows the recipe scrupulously for the first attempt, then allows himself freedom to experiment.  Whereas I try to make things more time- efficient (why do you need to salt the eggplant and zucchini and wait for 45 minutes ((ARGH))…hardly any water comes out), he double-roasts potatoes, makes his own breadcrumbs, and purchases the correct loaf pan for baguettes.

Sunday, we usually have friends over.  While I am visiting or playing games like GLOOM or some good ole Savage Worlds tabletop, he is cooking.  Dinner usually takes about 3 to 5  hours to prepare.  He has been thinking about it all week.  His workmates ask him what he is planning for the weekend. We roll dice to the accompaniment of delicious smells wafting down the stairs like little angels. We are rarely disappointed. Dinner is not something grabbed in-between scenarios, but something planned for.

GM: “Ok, we are going to break for dinner now, because I want to enjoy my food.  We will do the fight later.””


See what I mean?

Sigh…….:) imagine a row of hearts here.  And no – you can’t have him.

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