I hope this works….

If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

Springtime in the Rockies

Five whole weeks of SNOW!  Really now, mistress weather.  Let’s be reasonable. I want to plant my garden outside instead of in little expando-pot-like thingies. Both my seedlings and I are tired of this cold…. Well, to be honest, they are still tucked into little pots and sat over the heater, whilst I am out in the cold…working.  On a side note, I bought an old Trek Bicycle and am waiting to ride it on dry pavement, not cold ice…so it’s not just seeds I am worried over, it is my ownself too.

My toms are about 7 inches high and I still don’t know which ones are which.  The Bell Peppers NEVER came up, so I planted some more today, along with Italian Pole Snap Beans (which we had last summer when we visited Gabe and Erica at the farm they were house-sitting at and which were amazingly delicious).  I will plant the technicolor Swiss Chard outside tomorrow…if it doesn’t snow…..and maybe even if it does.  I will go look for cucumber seedlings because I forgot to buy cucumber seeds.

We did go to Whole Foods and get the free compost, but they only gave us a limited amount…mainly because it was very heavy and they didn’t want anyone breaking their backs…BUT, we got it and it is still sitting in the container and I haven’t done anything with it because of the SNOW……grrrrr.

I am grateful for the moisture.