I hope this works….

If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

Blender Hand lotion

I may be posting too soon, but I think the experiment went well.  Everything looks good, but things are still cooling down, so I can’t give you a definitive answer yet.

Last time I made hand lotion, I used emulsifying wax to enable the oils and water to mix together.  It was really cool to see the reaction.  Almost instantly the oil and water turned this creamy white color and got thick. I made it back in the winter and it is almost gone now.  It did a good job, a bit thicker than I liked, but it worked and I happen to like when things do what they are supposed to do.  However I also like to experiment, so when I came across a recipe that used a blender instead of the wax to mix things together, I wanted to try it.  “Just like Mayo!” I thought.  “Will it work?”  Only one way to find out.

This afternoon I had the time and inclination, so set out to see what I could find.  The recipe came from a site called Dave’s Garden and I liked it because it was written out in parts…..i.e. 2 parts liquid oil to 1 part solid oil……I like that method because you can make any amount you want. I ended up with 3 cups of lotion, BTW.

The hardest part about making this recipe was getting the temperatures of the oil and water pretty much the same.  When you add beeswax to anything you automatically get hotter oils because the beeswax needs higher temps to melt. My thermometer was reading 150 on the oils and 100 for the water, so I put the bowl with the oils in a cold water bath to cool it down a bit.  Once it had cooled down to the same temp as the water, I poured the water into the old blender I bought at the the Goodwill and started to slowly pour the oils in.

I was glad my hubby decided to become interested in what I was doing, as he held the old blender still, so it didn’t move and mess up what I was trying to do.  Slowly, slowly (arrrrrgh) adding the oils, the water began to turn white…..It was working!  At one point about a minute into the process, I thought it wasn’t blending anymore and took the lid off, but it was still swirling around.  I added the rest of the oils (slowly)(ARGH) and whizzed it for about a minute more…I didn’t time it, so don’t know the official time, but it felt like only a couple of minutes for the whole thing to blend together.  At the last minute I added some lavender essential oil, but living up to my reputation, didn’t add enough.  So I had to add some after I had poured it into the jars.  I hope that it will stay mixed.  On the bright side, I added other essential oils, one is now Rose Geranium, the other Lavender Cajuput, and the third is still lovely old plain lavender.

Anyway, the solid oils I used were Lanolin and Cocoa Butter and just a touch of Shea Butter..All three went into a 1/2 cup.  The liquid oils were, Olive, Jojoba and a bit of Safflower for a total of one cup.  Then there was the tricky bit of figuring out how much beeswax to use. 2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons was what I ended up with.  A cup and a half of 100 degree water finished it off.

Covered them loosely and am now waiting for them to cool.  And I want to officially thank my hubby for the help.  He not only held the blender still, but even did the washing up!  We had to add baking soda to hot water to get all the oils and beeswax off the blender.

The picture on the Dave’s Garden link is pretty much how mine looks.

I am waiting impatiently for the testing!!!!!!!

Next day UPDATE!  Yes, it worked. It cooled down and thickened up and feels nice on the skin. It took a while to sink in, but that may be because I used it to test it, not because my  skin felt dry.  I added too much lanolin tho.  The essential oils barely mask the lanolin smell….at least right now, maybe it will chill out as it gets older… dunno…..

OK….it is 9:15 pm and I hear an ice cream truck in the neighborhood.  Do we have a new neighbor that I don’t know about?

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