I hope this works….

If you don't experiment, you don't learn.

Soapmaking – the first attempt.

I have heard soap-making can be forgiving.  I sure hope that is true.

I took a class a couple of months ago. Waited until it wasn’t snowing or blowing or just plain too darn cold outside. The oils were too hot (150 degrees) and the lye/milk/water was too cold (85 degrees) when it came time to mixing them together, so I put the lye mixture in a hot water bath in the sink and put the too hot oil/fats in the fridge until both were within the 100-120 degree range.  Then I mixed them together and apparently achieved “trace” without realizing it as the mix suddenly started to get solid. I quickly poured it into one mold and part of another.  Then wrapped them in a towel and stuck them in a box on the floor. They have to stay warm for at least 24 hours.  Maybe I should have put them in an insulated cooler.

I hope this works.