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Short people and motorcycles

Dear Honda,

Please make more Motorcycles for people who are short…I”m talking 5ft 3 or shorter.  I know you make lots of cool cruisers that I can ride and flat foot – the Shadow 600 was my first bike, but I am looking at touring bikes now.  I was really excited about your newest model, the NC700.  With the gas tank under the seat and the resulting lower center of gravity, it sounded  perfect for me….until I looked at the specs and saw the seat height….32 inches.  I cannot even tippy-toe at 32 inches.

Suzuki and Kawasaki? Love you both…I own a Ninja 500r, but it is not a touring bike. The aggressive riding position is too aggressive for me – even with 1 inch risers.  I can only ride for about 50 miles.  After that things start to hurt.  I don’t like hurt. It spoils the view and the fresh air.  It is most definitely not a touring bike.  The V-Strom and Concours are great-looking bikes, but I can’t ride them and adding a lowering link for 4 inches really messes up the handling.

BMW……I have discovered your F700gs.   It is an adventure- touring bike.  It has the gas tank under the seat, and with the optional low seat, I can touch ground…It is a beautiful bike.  I want it…..I just can’t afford it. Even with the easy-pay option you offer.

So Honda, you have the design, the tech, the know-how, you even have the right price range.  Why not make a smaller framed adventure-touring bike for us short people? I know you can do it.

Thank you for listening.

Your (short) friend.

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